Why You Can’t Local Business Seo Without Twitter
The agent rank is a digital signature in which the authors individually receive a series of scores that will benefit the web or websites where they post their content. In spain, google is the search engine chosen by of users, so when optimizing for natural positioning, we consider the guidelines of google to get a good position in the ranking. Little or no thought about other small business seo packages search engines when optimizing our websites. However, it is still interesting to put the look on a search engine like bing for various reasons. Generate traffic we might call long tail, in traffic without being the bulk of our visits itself is a very interesting percentage for relevant terms. Unify searches bing and yahoo as the results of the latter are powered by bing. Thereby optimizing for bing have two in one. Bing is the search engine linked to facebook, which derives many searches for him.
No one is king forever, so we should not lose sight of competition from google. Internet things change very quickly, and although it looks like google will continue on the crest for a few more years old, no one can say that one day bing can not become strong competition and go gaining ground in terms of searches. For all these reasons, it is advisable to also optimize bing rolling his eyes. In addition, the guidelines are not that different and, while we optimize for google, yahoo and bing. The first thing to do is give us high in the bing webmaster center and submit our sitemap, just as we do with google webmaster tools. We've talked about this tool ever. The truth is that highly recommended by the technical information you provide on our website or blog. Another important thing to consider, and differentiates bing optimization of google, it is the use of meta keywords.
We know for years that google has stopped giving seo value and many have chosen not to integrate them in the head. However, bing continues considering this label and it is important to integrate it into professional seo services the seo strategy. Moreover, roughly the seo bing has a lot to do with that of google. The content is still king. The recommendation is to create quality content, more than words and keyword optimized for a single per page if possible. Social networks also fall scene of a landslide. In seo, there is a before and an after social networks and this has been demonstrated in the two search engines. Measurement and web analytic is one of the most important aspects of any online marketing strategy.
It is not possible to measure results, or make decisions without taking into account the objectives met or the number of visits received. The data used for this tool is google analytic, for two reasons. For its quality and for being a free tool. Google analytic provides data infinitude, which properly combined, give us essential information to understand what our strengths and our weaknesses are. However, without advanced knowledge of the tool, you can also get very revealing conclusions. The question is, what data must local seo packages take into account and what information are giving us. Number of visits. First, an indicator of the success of our strategy in the network is the traffic we receive globally and also broken down according to sources, which include: search traffic, reference websites, direct traffic and campaigns.

Traffic sources. How users reach the pages will tell us whether we are working well or not seo and sem page, social networks, and campaigns e-mail marketing or banners that we do. In addition, we will indicate the loyalty of our users and brand awareness, through the percentage of direct traffic. Objectives. If we have a sales form or contact our website, it is essential to create a goal that allows us to know how many contacts have received, through which sources, keywords and conversion ratio obtained. If our conversion local business seo rate low, probably have to revise the usability of our website and the effectiveness of landing pages. Keywords. It is interesting to know the keywords by which users come to us, it gives us information about their real see more interests and we truly reveal the most relevant words for our business.

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